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Fantastic design is comprehensive, emotive, and powerful — we get there by understanding who you are, your goals and why your business is special. We strategize, architect, layout and design your vision.

Powerful Creative and Visuals

Our design practice delivers stunning visuals that make a lasting impression while also telling your unique brand story.

Digital Strategy

Start with knowing yourself, your market, and your customers. Understanding is the key for success in a crowded, digital-centric world.

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UX Design

Every building requires a great architect, and the same is true with digital projects. We plan thoroughly to make everything go more smoothly.

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UI Design

Everything you see has been designed by someone — products have to be thoughtful, intentional and responsive to the feel and expectations of those that use it. We bring design thinking into digital.

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Brand Strategy

Determining the direction for a brand is critical. Brand strategy encompasses its position in the marketplace, goals, definition of customers, and its overall personality.

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Brand Positioning

The focus for a brand is in its positioning. Where a brand sits in marketplaces is the nexus of who your customers are, what motivates them and what the unique value proposition is compared with the competition.

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Concept / Ideation

We take your idea and make it better. Flesh it out. Round out the edges. From overall creative direction, research and prototyping — we make your plan the best it can be.

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Visuals that Reflect Your Brand

GRAYBOX knows that the power of design — design that is strategic, eloquent, and conveys a sense of personality — should have impact. Ever wonder why “a picture is worth a thousand words”? The visual representation of something has the power to change the way one thinks and feels. Design has the power to evoke emotion and represent your brand’s tone and feel. We believe that regardless of the industry you work in, your company should have a design that is meaningful and represent your personality and culture well. From your logo to your website, we believe that a company’s look should be an asset, not a liability.

Our team of creatives are experts in the visual languages. We use color, shape, contrast, negative space and weight to convey personality, emotion and purpose in our visual designs that are true to your business.

We work in a variety of areas:

Our creative process is rooted in rapid cycles of collaboration, sketches and quick feedback loops. We work closely with your team to understand your vision up front and then we quickly iterate on what we think will work best. We generally don’t come up with multiple creative directions; rather, we refine collaborating on concepts and then invest all work into the best creative solution.

Most of creative work is done in collaboration with our other practices (websites, applications, ecommerce, marketing and content) because we are typically designing for a specific medium and output. However, even when we aren’t the original creators of your brand’s look and feel, we also regularly do visual production work that fits into your existing materials and content.

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