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McDonald’s: Redesigning Global Intranet Portal 

McDon­ald’s came to GRAYBOX seek­ing a way to improve the orga­ni­za­tion of their intranet por­tal. The McDon­ald’s intranet allowed all mem­bers of McDon­ald’s staff to cre­ate web pages at any­time for any rea­son spe­cif­ic to McDon­ald’s in their local­ized area. Not only was GRAYBOX tasked in orga­niz­ing all tiers of their site pages, but to imple­ment a sys­tem to main­tain orga­ni­za­tion mov­ing forward.

Overall Outcome

GRAYBOX sort­ed through all cur­rent pages of the site, while cre­at­ing a method to opti­mize orga­ni­za­tion mov­ing forward.

The Results

McDon­ald’s had a unique mod­el that ensured struc­tural­ly orga­ni­za­tion on the back-end of their intranet site. 

  • 600K
    Pages Re-Organized
  • 43K
    Sites Re-Indexed

The Overall Problem

It’s not a surprise that McDonald’s is easily one of the largest fast-food chains worldwide. GRAYBOX worked with McDonald's on a 14-month project to re-organize and redesign its worldwide corporate intranet.

Because McDonald's had an online network that allowed anyone hired within McDonald’s team globally to create web pages, there were over 600,000 web pages associated with 43,000 unique micro-sites. These pages were all multi-tiered, with some pages that were established from a corporate level, and some were employee created.

Beyond the massive reorganized effort, we created a new content taxonimy for current & future pages; as well as we redesigned all new navigation and page layouts for the new intranet.

We’ve been so pleased with all the progress that we’ve made on our mas­sive intranet project — we look for­ward to con­tin­u­ing to work togeth­er as we rethink how glob­al com­mu­ni­ca­tions is cen­tral­ized and administered.

Jill Thomas, Director of Global Communications, McDonald's

Our Solution

1. Brand Definition

Although they have such a well-known name, their brand vision and mission sometimes is lost in translation. When facing this project, GRAYBOX was faced with the question, What pages from the former website should be removed and what should be added in place? What setup accurately depicts McDonalds? In order for GRAYBOX to accurately assess the redesign of the site structure, they had to fully immerse in the McDonald’s brand vision. Not only was GRAYBOX taking on many pages within a website, but was also meticulously going through each page to understand the McDonalds culture, purpose and long-term use.

2. Wireframing & Redesign of Multi-Lingual Website

Creating wireframes for the former site was a large undertaking as GRAYBOX was tasked with sorting through and organizing nearly 600,000 pages. From the 40,000 individual sites associated with the corporate site, GRAYBOX structured a new system that narrowed the pages down by the amount of visits and how old it was within the system. This was an essential step in creating a sustainable system that would no longer be able to accumulate unnecessary and unused pages associated with the global site. GRAYBOX architectured the site extensively with sitemaps and wireframes that consistently reflected the brand vision, along with visual elements for each of the pages.

Wow, it’s amaz­ing to work with McDon­ald’s so ear­ly in the life of GRAYBOX. We redesigned and com­plete­ly reor­ga­nized their inter­na­tion­al intranet por­tal. It was a year of eff­fort to untan­gle this large knot, but it was a huge mile­stone in our capac­i­ty for both large-scale Enter­prise work, con­tent strat­e­gy and user-cen­tric design. We’re very proud of this one.

Paul Weinert, Managing Principal / Founder at GRAYBOX

Our Services

The project resulted in a significantly organized corporate McDonald's site with GRAYBOX's efforts in brand definition, wireframing and other services.

Our Results

GRAYBOX's efforts increased internal site organization tremendously, redefinded brand vision and identity, and overall created sustainable improvements in ideation and concept generation.

The new site design and wireframes were organized into a prototype and shared throughout McDonalds corporate team and other influencers within the McDonalds network. With the new site, users within McDonald’s were still able to create pages, but they were filtered out automatically depending on the usage and how frequently the page was used. Although GRAYBOX didn’t develop the new site, they provided extensive visual brand representation and remain a resource for McDonalds as they approach other digital-related needs moving forward.

  • 600K
    Pages Re-Organized
  • 43K
    Sites Re-Indexed