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Digital Marketing is multi-faceted: On one hand, it’s about brand storytelling and building up your reputation over time. On the other, it’s about data-driven performance to make meaningful user actions.

Data + Storytelling = Marketing Effectiveness

Digital Marketing is part art and part science. Our marketing practice builds a holistic marketing engine across multiple marketing channels and regularly delivers results and improves overall performance over time.


Results-Driven SEO consultants based in Portland, Oregon

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Digital Advertising

Place your business alongside relevant search results (PPC ads) or on social feeds (display ads) and maximize your budget with untapped terms.

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Conversion Optimization

The conversion funnel across marketing channels and your website is rife with opportunities to delight and frustrate your customers. Identify the elements that are pain points and seek to eliminate them by leveraging industry best-practices, A/B testing, and customer research.

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Content Marketing

Content is still king. Marketing it effectively is queen. Creating content that educates your potential customers and illustrates your expertise is key to bringing a new audience into the fold for you to be able to nurture in the future.

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Email Marketing

When you have permission to deliver content to someone's inbox, you have a shot at winning them over. In spite of saturation in the marketplace, email marketing is still an effective channel to nurture customers, drive engagement, and generate revenue.

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Marketing Automation

Technology makes measuring, delivering, and following-up with customers possible in a way that wasn't so in the past. Leveraging the right strategy, content, and tools will make your business more efficient and effective at communicating with your current and prospective customers.

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Social Media Marketing

You want to engage your customers where they are online. Having and executing a strategy for how to do this considering the diversity of social media channels out there is critical.

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Market Research

Knowledge of your market is power. If you're new to the space, looking to grow, or simply asking what you could be doing differently to meet your goals, getting insights into your customers, market opportunities, or the competition can be helpful in your endeavors.

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Marketing Analytics Consulting

Let us analyze your data so that you can focus on your business.

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Omnipresent Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving hydra of complexity that is hard to describe, hard to understand and even harder to execute consistently. Customers are basically everywhere, always plugged in, and it's hard to nail down their attention. Our digital marketing team are experts in this digital-first world and know what it takes to stand out online and place yourself in front of your customers are.

The GRAYBOX marketing practices are experts in building and optimizing holistic digital marketing campaigns. Our team has experience in:

Not all campaigns are effective for all businesses – rather it's often the exact opposite! As such, we take a science-driven approach to digital marketing. We start any action with a hypothesis, build something to implement that idea, test that hypothesis, and learn from the results. If it's working, double down. If it's not, learn from it and move on — don't fight an uphill battle if your customers aren't present there or don't care about that area.

Our marketing practice lives out our motto of Partnerships, Not Projects – we work together with your team in a very collaborative way. Expect lots of phone calls, strategy sessions and someone in the trenches with you. Most of our marketing engagements are on a monthly retainer basis, but we also work time & materials or per-project.

Beyond new campaigns where we do everything, we also work in hybrid models where we focus on one aspect of digital marketing (say SEO and PPC) and your team (or another agency) handles another aspect. We get the need to be flexible.

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