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Applications are about ease of use, speed and functionality, regardless of the platform. You need your users to login and get something done. We build great experiences for web, mobile, desktop, AR/​VR and more.

Building a Functional Web

The internet is fundamentally different today – we all rely on a vast interconnected web of apps, sites and user accounts to make useful software that gets the job done. Our applications practice plans, designs and builds compelling and robust applications for web, mobile, desktop, AR/VR and more.

Web Applications

Our focus is on building web applications that put people first. We design dynamic, compelling, and meaningful web apps that delight users and make admins swoon.

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Mobile Applications

Mobile application development is rapidly progressing. For the best experiences, we suggest using native languages, but there are many performant frameworks that can speed up development time.

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Technical Architecture Development

Plan and scale your technical infrastructure for your digital needs today and well into the future. The decisions you make now will either open up or restrict your options later.

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So Much More than a Website

Applications and algorithms are a keystone in the way we live and interact with the world around us. Whether it’s the social networks we use to communicate with our friends and loved ones, the programs we utilize to perform work-related tasks, or the entertainment hubs we access to view our favorite shows and movies, applications are a part of almost every aspect of our modern lives.

At GRAYBOX, we believe that the planning, development, and maintenance of successful applications require a unique approach and implementation. To this end, we’ve built out an Application Development Practice made up of a diverse team of experts with the knowledge and experience in building a wide array of technology solutions, including:

While we believe every project is unique, the core of our process always begins with research and a deep understanding of each business’s individual needs and application goals. By reviewing and understanding the core issues facing your organization, we develop solutions that address your specific business and leverage our team’s knowledge across a wide range of technologies to architect the right kind of application to help your business succeed.

Working in tools such as Jira, Confluence, and GIT to share knowledge and streamline its day-to-day communication, our applications team is highly flexible and works alongside our partners to build engagements leveraging both Agile and Waterfall workflows in both Retainer based and Time and Material models.

Whether developing custom mobile apps, building web-based systems, or adopting and supporting pre-existing technology, we work with our partners to create the right solutions to address their business needs.

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