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Director of Strategic Accounts

Ben Parish

It’s bet­ter to be a pirate than to join the navy.

Steve Jobs

Ben began his career in finance at UBS and transitioned to technology as an executive for GRAYBOX and Digital Industries in 2018.
He is a community builder who has served many local professional and nonprofit organizations. In 2019, he was nominated as Top Connector for TAO and in 2020 recognized as Committee Member of the year for his efforts at PNDC. Currently, he is President of the Board at The Red Gala which will raise funding to grow Sport Oregon’s initiative, She Flies, this spring.

What was your first computer game?

Ironically... Oregon Trail. Kind of funny that I moved from Tennessee to the PNW a little over a decade later. Though, I did get to drive so no one had dysentery or a snakebite.