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GRAYBOX Welcomes Oregon's Political Leaders for Congressional Startup Day!

This month, GRAYBOX and the Upstart Collective had the distinct privilege of hosting three of Oregon's key figures in policy and advocacy.

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U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden, a pioneering voice who had a hand in legislation that shaped the early internet, Oregon Rep. Janelle Bynum, known for her commitment to the state's entrepreneurs, and State Treasurer Tobias Read, who's been instrumental in shaping Oregon’s business trajectory.

Our gathering for the Congressional startup day drew a significant audience, numbering over 100. Among them were founders, technologists, and community leaders, all eager to engage in meaningful discourse about the future of business in Oregon. Together, we delved into the current state of affairs and the potential paths forward, thanks to the combined forces of local and national advocacy. Portland Business Journal subscribers can learn more here!

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