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GRAYBOX is home to the best in the industry. We’re a ragtag pack of elite-level digital experts that operate with empathy, professionalism and precision.

A Little About You

We believe that everything good about GRAYBOX comes from our amazing team. Without this crew, we would fail spectacularly. As such, we take hiring very seriously and expect a lot from each of our teammates.

First, everyone is passionate – employees have a fire in their gut that propels them to be their best and do their best. You have to care about this company, our clients and their projects – and have the confidence that you can accomplish what needs doing. We can and will teach your skills, but we can’t teach you to give a damn.

Second, everyone is at the top of their craft, whatever that might be. We have a seriously diverse range of services we offer and generally only have a few people that know any one thing. You’re to be a clutch. You might have been doing design for 15 years, or you might be on the forefront of a new technology, but either way, we need your expertise. Beyond what you know today, you MUST be intellectually curious to always strive to learn new things and further hone your craft.

Third, everyone is a teacher and advisor first and foremost. We don’t care if your last job said “engineer”, ” developer” or “marketer” — at GRAYBOX you’re a consultant first. You advise other businesses on what is going to be most effective for their business and their individual strategy. Yes most of the day, you’ll be creating things respective to your craft, but at the core, we’re solving problems effectively for our client partners.

Fourth, everyone is a great communicator. We collaborate often, speak directly, and hash things out. If something is wrong, we call it out so it can be fixed. We move seamlessly between writing, calls, Slack and in-person meetings to deepen our understanding and build better products.

Finally, everyone is independent — we are confident, self-directed and totally dependable. Our most successful employees don’t need much oversight, are eager to jump in, and have a good time dealing with whatever the new problem of the day is. You’ll never be bored here, as their is literally something new almost every day. Don’t be afraid, get in there and fix it.

About GRAYBOX — Our Core Values

Every decision we make is rooted in the ethos of our culture — these attributes shape who we are and define what it means to be successful

Why is GRAYBOX here? What is our mission? It’s simple:

GRAYBOX elevates client-partners through a fusion of creativity and technology to solve core problems and make a profound impact on their business.

Across all of our practice areas, our people approach problems and solutions by applying the following core values:

Stewardship - Care Like It's Yours

Stewardship is a belief that when entrusted by another with oversight over their thing, we should manage it responsibly & carefully as if it was also OUR thing. Stewardship is caretaking for your, our Partner, and GRAYBOX’s resources — not “happiness”.

Craftsmanship - Create With Intent

We expect incredibly high standards in the quality of the work we all produce, and we believe that high-quality work is essential to fulfill our mission.
High quality isn’t an accident, rather it’s the output of intention for a clear vision, good planning and skillful execution.

Delightful - Cultivate Positive Experiences Together

We want everyone — both our partners and our team — to have an overall positive experience while working with us. Hopefully, the experience is so great, they want to work with us again and again.
Delightful expresses our belief that positive experiences don’t just happen automatically — they must be cultivated and grown with care in our actions.

Growth Mindset - Improve Every Day

Our staff needs a growth-mindset so they can stay relevant and we can successfully advise on partners. Thus our expectation is that our team is intellectually curious about their field, open to feedback and change, and willing to learn new things as needed. We also want to encourage reflection so that we can learn when things go well and when they don’t. Likewise, we celebrate the successes of others and empower others to take risks, try new methods and accomplish tasks the way they need too.

Professional - How We Work Matters

We’re experts, but HOW we apply our expertise also matters. We are organized, communicative, dependable, serious and trustworthy to our partners and coworkers. Professional affirms that it’s not just the destination that matters, but it’s also about doing the entire journey with integrity.

If this sounds like someplace you would thrive, please get in touch.

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Made with love from PDX

Coming at you live from GRAYBOX HQ

We built out our amazing office SE Portland office in 2016 as a hub for the local digital-centric marketing, creative and technology community. We boastfully have the best views in PDX, 3,000 sq. ft of outdoor deck space, and multiple collaborative zones for our team, our clients and people in the community to get together, have fun and solve problems together.

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