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Entertainment & Hospitality

It’s an ongoing battle for the time & attention of your unique audience. We help make your digital presence snazzy so that you stand out in a crowded market.


Entertainment & Hospitality

First-Rate Digital for the Entertainment & Hospitality Industries

The entertainment & hospitality industry is a battleground for attention on a tiny device. Your sites are mobile-first, accessed on the go, and demand to be built for quickly conveying information people need. What's your menu? When are you open? Where are my tickets? Can I change my reservation? We've worked with dozens of clients in the last decade, from breweries, restaurants, hotels, travel websites, destination resorts, etc.

Digital for Hospitality is Different — We Understand Your World and Produce Results

Since 2009, our team has experience providing digital consulting solutions for the entertainment and hospitality industries. GRAYBOX is uniquely qualified to help your business succeed in a digital-first world.

We've worked with a wide variety of clients, including multinational fast food brands, hotels, restaurants, bars, food carts, destination resorts, and event spaces. While every project is uniquely different, we've been able to provide a wide array of services — we've worked on digital strategy, online marketing, website design & development, mobile apps, databases, intranets, security systems, backoffice optimizations, payment systems and augmented reality.

For entertainment and hospitality, getting the time and attention of your customers is always the top priority. So we design systems with intention to get them in and out quickly. Moreover, we try to answer their immediate questions clearly so they can keep on moving.

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