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Ecommerce & Retail

Consumers expect a great and seamless digital experience — we make yours perfectly tailored to the needs of your audience so they love your brand.


Consumer Retail

Compelling Digital for Consumer-Centric Retail

Ecommerce customers are demanding, exacting and fickle — they have unique requirements to make them feel safe, understand your products, and build loyalty with your brand. Thankfully, ecommerce is one of our top specialities and we know everything you need to know in order to run a successful online store for your customers.

Digital for Retail is Different — We Understand Your World and Produce Results

Since 2009, our team has deep experience providing digital consulting solutions for the consumer-centric retail (B2C Ecommerce) industry. GRAYBOX is uniquely qualified to help your brand succeed in a digital-first world.

We've worked with a wide variety of clients including those in Outdoor, Parts, Healthcare, Fitness, Apparel, Fabric, Home Goods, and many other product categories.

While every store and brand is different, we've been able to provide a wide array of services — we've worked on digital strategy, design and development, online marketing, online advertising, customer research, price planning, warehouse operations, marketing automation, payment systems, shipping and fulfillment, multi-language storefronts, multi-brand stores and third-party marketplaces (like Amazon). We know what it takes to sell products online.

Our team has worked with basically every ecommerce platform out there, but we are certified partners with Adobe Commerce / Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify and Shopify Plus.

For retailers, getting the time and attention of your customers is always the top priority – so we develop comprehensive marketing campaigns to engage your audience. Then once we have them on the site, we build loyalty with your brand.

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