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Ecommerce Management

Ecommerce is hard and unrelenting — get a leg up with holistic strategies to engage your customers online, on mobile, and in-store.

Build loyalty and lifetime customers

GRAYBOX leads holistic efforts across all aspects of the business for your store to succeed over time — build relationships and loyalty with your customers wherever they are at.

Omnichannel Strategy

Customers no longer fall into neat shopping silos. They want products, when they want it, via the channel they want it from. Companies need to take a more holistic and omni-channel approach to thinking about the experience we are delivering for your customers.

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Loyalty Programs and Rewards Strategy

With 40% of ecommerce revenue coming from returning customers, there is clear value in brands building loyalty with a dedicated customer base. Loyalty and rewards program on ecommerce websites can play a key role in keeping customers engaged with the brand and coming back again and again.

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Ecommerce Store Implementation

Creating a branded ecommerce experience from the ground up can be a challenge, considering all the moving pieces and technologies that need to be brought online to make a site work effectively.

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Managed Ecommerce

Hiring an entire ecommerce and marketing team to grow as a business can be a challenge. Managed ecommerce takes a one-stop-shop approach in which the GRAYBOX team can monitor, manage, and market the growing ecommerce merchant.

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