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Craft is a relative newcomer that has wowed us with its flexibility, ease of implementation, and powerful ecosystem. We recommend it for most website projects of size.

The New Kid on the Block

Craft is the CMS system our developers beg clients to use — it makes a developer's life easier, which equals a more cost-effective website implementation without sacrificing quality, flexibility or ease of use.

Craft came out onto the website CMS scene a few years ago out of the ExpressionEngine community — when it was first introduced, it was widely hailed as a simpler, better, more flexible option that ExpressionEngine. Simply put, they took the concepts of EE and brought them into a new product that operated better than the original. Five years later, and in certain circles of the internet, that is still true today.

We're not exaggerating when we say our sites practice literally begs to use Craft whenever they can. It's not that other CMS platforms are bad or not powerful enough (honestly, they're all great in different ways), but Craft was built with the developer in mind – and with the thoughtfulness for the implementor, they won the dev community's heart.

We've been building in Craft CMS for 5 years now and still believe that Craft is best understood as a lego-set in which a developer can build a unique CMS for that one site, rather than a common CMS that already has ideas, assumptions and a philosophy on how content should be managed. We've built simple sites, stores, web applications and mobile applications, all with Craft as the back-end CMS. It is powerful, flexible and awesome.

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Developers Love It

Craft has some industry leading features, geared for modern development - single databases for multi-server environments, centralized fieldsets, and full (rooted in Yii2 framework) code control makes the devs happy.

Marketers Love It

Because you have complete code control, templates are easily optimized for whatever the latest SEO trends are. Plus Craft is super fast, which Google Loves

Administrators Love It

The admin panel of craft is easy to use, beautifully designed and yet still powerful. After some quick training, site administrators love it.

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