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UX Strategy & Planning

Great UX is rooted in a deep understanding of your users — we do research, conduct interviews, and talk to actual users to create personas that are reflective of your audience and their specific goals & needs.

Know your Users

We’ll help your team get in alignment on your goals, priorities and ideal outcomes for your project. Then we get to know your users goals as well. From there we plan your product around the intersection point of those goal sets.

UX strategy is a key moment in the planning phases for your site or application. It’s a critical moment where we collaboratively come to understand your business objectives, who your audience is and what they need to succeed.

To start, we organize half-day or full-day workshops with your team and our strategy & creative teams. We then work with your team on a unique series of exercises that create a shared vision of what success means for your organization and this project.

Next, we work with your marketing team to understand who the audience and your users before the application development. Successful digital projects resonate with the innate desires of your audience and what they want from your brand, so we need to first understand that in order to know if we're going to be successful.

It’s totally normal for any product or site to have multiple audience groups with multiple goals each. We map these out in persona documents that highlight the primary, secondary and tertiary goals for each audience. We learn these by conducting audience interviews with both your internal team, your staff that works with your customers and your customers themselves.

Understand Your Market

Great strategy has to start with understanding who your are marketing to and what their goals are. We create personas so we understand the goals and desires of all your audience segments.

Talk to People

We interview and meet with your actual customer/audience segments and hear firsthand what they think of your brand, application or business.

Start With Goals

Great digital sites and products help their audience meet their objectives. We get to the root of their stated and demonstrated goals and recommend solutions to match what they need.

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