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White paper: Three Mid-market Ecommerce Solutions: Magento 2, BigCommerce Enterprise, & Shopify Plus

Insights and commentary in this detailed white paper:

Our ecommerce team has prepared an analysis of the most important pro’s and con’s for these three platforms and has some recommendations for you in the form of a whitepaper download. In addition to this whitepaper, we’ve also made an awesome, exhaustive features list chart so that you can compare Magento 2 Enterprise, Shopify Plus, and BigCommerce Enterprise side by side.

Catalog Organization – how products are structured and configured on each platform and what sort of businesses they’re good for.

The Shopping Experience – how each platform varies in terms of design and browsing and what that means for your store.

Pricing – a look at these platforms’ different pricing models and our recommendations on which works best for what kind of business.