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Defense contracting is a unique type of business with heavy compliance rules — we understand and build solutions that solve these unique needs.


Your Partners in Defense

Impactful Digital for Defense Companies

Working with Defense Contractors has unique challanges. The government has a robust series of compliance requirements that are passed down to all vendors as well. GRAYBOX has experience working in these environments and can ensure that everything designed and built by us will meet all your unique requirements.

Digital for Defense is Different — We Understand Your Unique Needs and Produce Results

Since 2009, our team has experience providing digital consulting solutions for defense contractors. GRAYBOX is uniquely qualified to help your business succeed in a digital-first world.

We've had the privilege to work with multiple contractors on enhancing their online presence or building unique software for internal use — specifically we've worked on digital strategy, online marketing, website design & development, web applications, internal tools and back office systems to improve operational efficiency.

We understand that our defense clients have a few priorities:

Regardless of your exact requirements, we have the skills to highlight your expertise.

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